Hello! Welcome to Sunshine Pup Co!
My name is Kaitlyn and I am the owner of Sunshine Pup Co! I am a recent high school graduate and live in the beautiful Port Coquitlam, BC! I am a huge animal lover, and I currently have 2 dogs Tika & Scout and my cat Willow! I have had dogs my whole life, but my passion for them grew so much more when I got my first very own pup, Tika, in March of 2018! Tika is the whole reasoning behind my shop, and I have her to thank for being where I am now! As soon as I got her, I decided to make an instagram account for her because why not, am I right? From there I quickly saw tons pups with the cutest accessories and new I had to get her some! I decided I wanted to learn how to make them myself, as it was a way I could fully customize them to my liking! I never learned how to sew as a kid, but I was always one to DIY everything, so I picked up sewing within a matter of days. After only little while of making the adorable bandanas, someone suggested to try to sell them, and I knew I just had to!
I opened up my etsy shop in late April 2018 and since then have decided to switch over to my own website as my business grows. I hand make every product to order, and strive to make every customer happy! All products are handmade with love, care and a little bit of dog hair! ;) I currently sell bandanas, collars, harnesses, leashes, toys, paw balm and more! Plus I am always working on many new items for both pets and their owners!
I am so overly thankful for all of the support I have gotten since I opened my shop. I appreciate every single one of you more than words can describe! Every order I receive fills me with joy! This shop is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me, and one of the best jobs I could ever imagine!
Again, thank you so much for supporting me & my dreams!
Kaitlyn, Owner & Creator